Can we shorten the infusion time for intravenous ocrelizumab?


  • A shortened 2-hour ocrelizumab infusion poses no additional infusion-related reaction (IRR) risk as compared to the conventional 3.5-hour infusion and could help to reduce total site stay time and the burden on patients and site staff.

Why this matters

  • Ocrelizumab is an anti-CD20 monoclonal antibody indicated for relapsing-remitting and primary progressive multiple sclerosis (MS) administered by intravenous infusion.

  • The current infusion schedule for ocrelizumab requires an on-site stay of up 5.5–6 hours, including an infusion time of 3.5 hours, which places a burden on patients and site staff.

  • Shortened infusion times, provided they do not impact patient safety, could reduce the treatment burden on patients and site staff.