Seizure outcome in temporal glioblastoma surgery


  • Anterior temporal lobectomy (ATL), as a supra-total resection strategy, is associated with superior favorable seizure outcome following temporal glioblastoma (TGB) resection compared with gross-total resection (GTR).

Why this matters

  • Post-operative seizure freedom is an important secondary outcome measure in glioblastoma surgery, and recent clinical focus has been on ATL (resection beyond tumor limits visible on neuroimaging scans) as a potential epilepsy-surgical therapeutic approach; however, findings are uncertain due to data scarcity.

  • ATL-associated favorable seizure outcomes in patients with TGB is an encouraging finding; however, further study on larger cohorts and examination of neuropsychological effects is required since severe effects on quality of life potentially outweighing benefits may result, depending on resected brain regions.