Study highlights sex differences in how cardiovascular risk factors may influence CSF biomarkers

Specialists have reported new findings from a study of the interplay between sex, cardiovascular risk factors, and CSF biomarkers of neurodegeneration.

The researchers from centers in Spain, Sweden, and UK, investigated how sex and cardiovascular risk factors affect CSF biomarkers, analyzing data from 381 middle-aged cognitively unimpaired subjects taking part in the ALFA+ study.

Of these 381 subjects, 34.4% were Aβ-positive and 65.6% were Aβ-negative, and the Aβ42/40 cutoff was 0.071. The CSF biomarkers investigated included Aβ42, Aβ40, p-tau, t-tau, neurofilament light (NfL), neurogranin, sTREM2, YKL40, GFAP, S100, IL6, sVCAM1, sICAM1, MCP1, and α-synuclein.